Knaek is the student discount platform of the Netherlands and Belgium. With the Knaekapp a student can get acquainted with about 25 local discount partners in the student city. Not only in Gent, but in 28 cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. More than 100 webshops offer the highest student discounts through Knaek, which can often be combined with sales as well. This way you can save a lot of money and spend more on a beer at the club or a more luxurious pasta at home!

Picture this: step into the train with your €1,50 cup of coffee. Always get a second burger for free (even ordering free a main course in the restaurant. What about placing orders at Nike, Amac, and many other cool webshops with extra discount. It’s all possible, but only when you use Knaek. Knaek saves you some good money and that’s exactly what you want as a student.

Claim your FREE knaekpas on and get access to over 1000 discounts!

How does it work?

  1. Log in with your ESNcard account.
  2. Claim your promo code.
  3. Download the Knaek app and get access to the discounts with your Knaek-ID.